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SOPHi Gel Remover

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  • Acetone-Free + Low Odor + Eco-friendly
  • Gel formula stays in place on nail for easy removal
  • Cruelty-free + Vegan
  • Made in USA
  • Works with any nail polish, especially SOPHi Nail Polish

Directions for use: On protected surface, apply a drop of SOPHi Remover Gel to each fingernail and spread to edges of polish. Allow to soak on nail for 1 minute. Use paper towel to remove nail polish. For hard to remove polish, repeat as needed. For best results, use with SOPHi Nail Polish Remover Sticks (now available).  The remover sticks help to lift and peel the polish from the nail once the Gel Remover has soaked through.

*For more porous nails, SOPHi Nail Polish can be more difficult to remove. Use SOPHi Nail Polish Remover Gel to help soften the polish and then peel with SOPHi Nail Polish Remover Sticks or any orange stick. Soaking nails in warm/hot water can also assist with the removal process, as the heat may help the polish to lift.

Ingredients: Methyl Acetate, Algin, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E

Customer Reviews

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New Mom
Not Bad

I appreciate that this nail polish remover is low toxic and low odor. That being said, it is a little time consuming to use. Despite following the directions, it took me multiple times of putting a spot on my nail, rubbing it to the edges, waiting a minute, and then trying to wipe it off with a paper towel. Because it doesn't actually rub off. Users will definitely need the wooden stick things (or something similar) to peel the thick gel coating off of the nail after letting the polish remover sit on it. This takes extra time as well, and I have to wonder if the stick things damage the nail bed in some way with grooves. However, the gel polish stayed on for over a week before any chipping or wear occurred (a first for me with any polish), and it did not discolor the bed of my nails in any way (also a first). So, overall, I am very pleased with this system and will continue to use and recommend it because it is low toxic and low odor for each item. Especially for pregnant or new moms who want to feel pretty.

Claudia Sesena
Feeling good

It’s great to know you can have a nontoxic nail polish for myself and my grandkids


Sophi remover is ok. It takes some getting used to. Definitely takes longer to remove polish that regular remover. I think I prefer the Piggy Paint remover. However, I'll take the extra effort that is involved in using water-based nail polish and remover to avoid the chemicals in regular polish/remover.

Sarah Bogle
Does not work great for me!

It worked a little but not super effective. I don't mind because I appreciate how well the polish stays on!