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Caps not child-safe

Color and quality are ok, but my niece almost ruined carpet and couch as the bottles open very easily and do not have a child lock.


I use the purple hair color to boost my grey hair, and it creates perfect highlights for my lighter hair. Because of the quality of the product, I ordered a spray-on conditioner. It too is perfect. It is light-weight and leaves no goop or heaviness. It is as good as the hair color.

Fun gift set

Love Piggy Paint and this set has great colors and fun nail design stickers!!

Perfect for my baby girl’s toes!

I absolutely love this polish for my 5 month old’s little toes! I love the colors and I t’s so nice knowing that it’s non-toxic. Plus it actually stays on extremely well- especially if you use the base/seal coat. 10/10⭐️


Love this stuff absolute hit! My daughter has dirty blonde hair n we just applied it think n waited the full 20mins.

Don’t like the smell that much, and it makes the hair feel kinda sticky. The shipping cost is also outrageous.

So cute

This set is so cute. I love the glittery pink and heart design. It’s a great set to use to prep the nails for polish.

Love the stickers!

The stickers are our favorite! My daughter loves to pick a sticker to finish off her manicure. The designs are so cute and the perfect size for little nails and stay put!

So cute and fun!

This set has the prettiest colors and my almost 2 year old daughter was so excited to receive them. The colors last better than you would expect with a toddler and the fact that it’s non toxic and safe for little ones make it even better. We are big fans over here and will be buying more Piggy Paint for sure!

I highly recommend piggy paint

I love piggy paint. I am so happy I came across it. My granddaughter is 2 years old and has health issues. She wants to paint her own nails and gets so excited picking out the color she wants to use. We love that it’s non toxic and safe for her to play with. Thank you piggy paint for making it safe and fun. You’re awesome

We love piggy paint!

My daughter loves yellow and is obsessed with painting her nails! We love piggy paint, esp the minimal dry time.

A beautiful color. One coat looked great-perfect for my 2yr old who can’t sit long. Two coats and it looks flawless. Will be great for 4th of July and summer time!

Mom it doesn’t rub off!!

Very impressed with how this extends the life of the polish. My daughters are outdoor girly girls so being able to dig and play while keeping on their beloved polish has made them so happy. Definitely worth the extra step!

Fun in the Sun

Talk about a fun summer color! This polish is perfect for a bright pop of color and my kids LOVE that it smells like bananas. Easy to apply, recommend two coats and the base/top coat to extend its life.

Fun in the sun

Talk about a pretty spring color! This polish is perfect for a bright pop of color and my kids LOVE that it smells fruity. Easy to apply, recommend two coats and the base/top coat to extend its life.

So lucky to find this brand!

Our two year old daughter is just starting to do things “just like Mama” and thankfully we came across Piggy Paint at Target. This Sea Foam color was her first choice and it’s so dang cute! The hue is so bright! And I was so thrilled so find something non toxic and safe for her. (Pls parents don’t use regular nail polish on your kiddos!) It goes on super easy and even when she “paints” her Daddy’s nails, even if it’s not perfect, it’s an easy clean up or removal if needed. Love it! Thank you so much. :))))


This color is GORGEOUS! So bright & perfect! I used this on my 2 month old Im so in love with their non toxic polish! I will be aiming to get all the colors one day!

Makes a big difference!

I’m very impressed on how well this works! It really makes the polish last much longer. I am so happy with all my piggy paint products.

Love the sparkles!

These colors are bright and have a great sparkle. I love knowing they are safe for my girls! They apply on smoothly and They dry super fast too.

Perfect for my girls!

This pedi set is so cute and fun for the littles. I’m looking forward to using it with them!

Such vibrant colors!

Absolutely love our piggy paint polish! It applies smoothly & the colors are so vibrant! I love knowing these products are safe for my girls.

The softest pink

This is the most graceful pink. It's a great option for when you want a light color but nothing too bright! It matches with everything!!! This is a MUST have!!!

Perfectly purple

This is a beautiful shade of purple the rich color really stands out on your nails! This is my favorite color and this groovy grape does it justice!!!! Definitely recommend everyone gets this!!

Pretty in pink

Wow we absolutely love this LOL color!!! It is the perfect shade of a fun bright pink!! The color is so vibrant and this is our go to color!!!!

Great Polish for kids.

I absolutely love this polish for my baby girl. The color appears so beautifully and appears as almost full coverage with just one coat. Literate takes seconds to dry! The only downfall is how easy it comes off with just a little friction but this is also a positive because it’s actually easy to remove the polish.