Win it Wednesday with Girlie Glue!!

Win it Wednesday with Girlie Glue!!

Woot woot! It’s that time again! Your chance to win some awesome, and safe, new products from Piggy Paint and Girlie Glue! Here is your chance to win a Piggy Paint Pink-a-Boo Gift Set (value $24.99), a tube of Girlie Glue and 12 darling Girlie Glue accessories (value $25)!! Enter here:


0847 (2)


Piggy Paint Pink-a-boo Gift Set includes Mer-maid in the Shade, LOL, and Peace of Cake! Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Hypoallergenic!

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About Girlie Glue:

  • Special features : no drying time required, sticks instantly; perfect baby gift
  • material : [GIRLIE GLUE] handmade, all natural ingredients; made with agave nectar and other all natural ingredients; 100% honey-free
  • care instructions : washes away easily with water
  • dimensions : 0.5 oz; each bow measures 1.25″
  • ways to wear : holds on little accesories for baby girls, sticking on earrings, mustaches and facial hair for theater and Halloween costumes, photographers use it for sticking on props, accessories for pets
  • note : directions: squeeze a dab of glue onto the back of hair accessory; place accessory on baby; say cheese!
  • uses : a dab of Girlie Glue will hold her accessories all day long – no clips, band, or even hair necessary

Good Luck!


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