Popcorn Garland using Homemade Popcorn – Fun Family Activity

Popcorn Garland using Homemade Popcorn – Fun Family Activity

This past weekend, Melanie had a houseful of girls to keep entertained. Since they already have their Christmas tree up (yes, we know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet), she decided to have them make popcorn garland! Unable to find plain popcorn at the store she decided to try making homemade popcorn for the first time. Using a large pot, she popped the kernels on medium heat. POP they did! The girls enjoyed this part so much because just when they thought it was safe to take off the lid, popcorn popped everywhere!


Once they had the popcorn ready, all they needed was needle and thread!


Be sure to supervise this part. ALL four girls ended up pricking themselves with the pin during this process!


 Some people use cranberries as well but Melanie was afraid the dog would eat them, so she opted out on the cranberries. At this point, you simply use the needle to slide the popcorn onto the string until you have a long and lovely piece of art! Here are her girls acting silly with the final product!

photo 2

Melanie hopes your family enjoys this little activity as much as they did!


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