Nail Trends

Nail Trends

Spring is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but all I can think about is what color my little piggies will be while I’m sitting by the pool soaking up the sun! A girl can dream.. So what colors and nail trends do you think will be a hit this Spring?

If you are the type that likes to stick to one color, or that’s all you have time for, you might like something lighter like this look we found on Pop Sugar. It looks a lot like our newest Piggy Paint shade, Mint to Be!

Mint final



And this is a great idea from Shecky’s! When your nails grow out, rather than redoing them, add a little shimmer to hide the base of the nail and it looks super trendy! Or do the reverse and add shimmer to the tip when it chips! Piggy Paint’s Glitter Bug is the perfect option for a similar look!

shimmer final

Now let’s talk nail art! It is huge right now! With the right tools, like these from Urban Outfitters, you can create your own nail masterpiece!

tools final

This DIY from The Crafty Ninja shows a really fun Houndstooth design. She is amazing! She makes it look so easy!

I can’t wait to try it with Piggy Paint Sea-quin and Berry Go Round!

the crafty ninja


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