6 Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

6 Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

Whether you’re celebrating a holiday, a special event, or your daughter’s birthday, a spa is a luxurious treat anyone would enjoy. But taking a troop of girls to an actual spa can be expensive. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out! Here are some ways you can make a girls’ spa day in your very own home!

1. Have a foot soak

Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

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Pamper those toes with a relaxing soak in some fizzy water. Mix together one cup of baking soda, one cup citrus acid, one cup cornstarch, and 20 drops of your favorite smelling essential oil. Store the mixture in a plastic bag until you’re ready to use (do not seal; mixture produces a gas). Pour a scoop in a tub of water for the foot soak.

2. Manicures and pedicures!

Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

No spa day would be complete without manicures and pedicures! Display a bunch of colors of kids’ non-toxic nail polish and let the girls pick their favorites. Encourage them to mix and match. If anyone knows how to paint clever designs, enlist their help!

Pro tip: play “musical manicures” by passing colored polish bottles around the room while music plays. When the music stops, paint one nail the color that’s in your hand. Keep going until everyone has all ten fingers painted.

3. Set the mood

Every spa creates a soothing, relaxing mood for its guests. You can simulate the experience by using lamps instead of overhead lights. Throw some colored paper (usually pink) over the lamp shades to give the room a relaxing vibe. Set up a couple incense diffusers or scented candles to introduce some aromatherapy.

4. Dress for the occasion

Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

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At the spa, comfort is a priority! Instruct each girl to arrive in a bathrobe with comfortable clothing underneath. Stop by the dollar store and pick up a few stretchy headbands to give out so no one’s hair gets caught in nail polish or face masks.

5. Hair station

Ideas for a Girls’ Spa Day

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Put together a table filled with different hair accessories. Find anything you can, but go with lots of color. Stock it with hair ties, barrettes, brushes, mirrors, paper flowers, and anything else you think would be fun.

6. Prepare face masks

Face masks exfoliate and cleanse the skin. Afterwards, your face feels soothed and clean.  They’re also super hydrating for dry skin. Make facemasks for everyone to wear while you go through your other spa activities or just hang out. Here’s a great recipe.

Have you ever created a spa at home? How did you make it fun?


non toxic nail polish for kids

Written by Melanie Hurley, Founder of Piggy Paint

Melanie is a mom with two fancy little girls who love to have their fingernails painted. One day while painting their nails, she noticed that traditional solvent-based nail polish could eat through a foam plate. She didn’t like the idea of putting that on her girls’ nails, which inevitably end up in their mouths. She decided that any flammable substance that could eat through foam was unacceptable for her children’s fingernails. Piggy Paint was born, a non-flammable non-toxic nail polish for kids.

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