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Piggy Paint

Silly Scented Collection - Wholesale

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Piggy Paint Scented Nail Polish is the same trusted, Non-toxic Piggy Paint formula – but with extra fun!  These yummy scents last long after the polish is dried.  This Premium, Water-based formula Dries to a Hard Finish & doesn’t wash or peel off.  Smell the fun, not the chemicals! 

Includes: 12 Polish Scented sets, 12 Nail Art, & 12 FREE Earrings!

3 Scented Silly Unicorns sets: $10 ea.

3 Scented Fruit Fairy: $10 ea.

3 Scented Lucky Lollipop: $10 ea.

3 Lil’ Glam Girl Kit: $7.50 ea.

12 Nail Art *Designs may vary: $1.50 ea.

12 FREE Stick & Stay Earrings